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Gauteng Liquor Industry Takes Stand for Safety Through Historic Pledge



Gauteng liquor industry signs new pledge

The Gauteng liquor industry has taken a significant step towards prioritising the safety and well-being of consumers and residents by signing a groundbreaking pledge with the provincial government on Tuesday. As per EWN, this unprecedented commitment underscores the industry’s determination to place the community’s welfare above financial gains.

The pledge shows a joint effort between the Gauteng government and various stakeholders within the liquor sector. Notably, this initiative comes from recognising that drinking establishments like pubs and taverns have been identified as potential hotspots of severe crimes, including murder, rape, and gender-based violence.

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The Gauteng government views the pledge as an integral component of a broader strategy to address the challenges associated with alcohol abuse. By emphasising safety as the foremost priority and promoting effective regulation, this collaborative effort seeks to foster a safer environment for communities.

Bongiwe Gambu, the Economic Development Department spokesperson, highlighted this commitment’s significance: “The Gauteng Liquor Pledge marks a turning point in our commitment to creating a safer and more responsible environment for our communities. By prioritising safety over profits and ensuring effective regulation, we are taking proactive steps towards positive change.”


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