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Gauteng Crime Rates Surge According to SAPS Statistics



Gauteng Crime Rates Surge According to SAPS Statistics

Gauteng Police Commissioner Elias Mawela has presented a disturbing report of a 4.1% rise in crime within the province over three months. Speaking at the Gauteng Provincial Legislature, Mawela unveiled crime statistics for the period spanning April 1 to June 30 as reported by IOL.

In the disclosed figures, Mawela highlighted a 4% overall increase in crime compared to the same period in the preceding year, resulting in a surge of 4,022 additional counts. Notably, Gauteng’s contribution to the nation’s total crime statistics for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023-24 stood at 27.9%.

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While the increment might appear marginal from the perspective of citizens and victims of these offences, Mawela emphasized its significance to law enforcement. He pointed out a slight reduction of 0.4% over five years, from 28.3% in 2019 to the current 27.9%, representing 10,170 fewer incidents.

Addressing the specifics of the crime landscape, Mawela noted a disturbing 6% surge in contact crimes compared to the prior year, contributing to 42,752 offences. Among these, assault common and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH) constituted a major proportion, escalating by 11.3% and 7.8%, respectively, totalling an additional 20,088 counts.


Mawela underscored their commitment to counter illegal mining, citing the collaboration between various stakeholders. He highlighted community-based intelligence gathering through engagements as a successful strategy in tackling this issue, leading to numerous arrests and confiscations of illegal mining tools.

Over the period in question, 9,393 undocumented individuals were apprehended, with links to illegal mining noted. Notably, the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) conducted 40 high-level operations, arresting 89 suspects.

Mawela also mentioned advancements in police capabilities, with 12 officers certified as drone pilots and nine more currently undergoing training.

The rise in crime rates drew criticism from the EFF in Gauteng, who expressed a lack of confidence in the ANC government’s ability to address the issue. The party called on Gauteng residents to consider voting for the EFF in the upcoming 2024 General Elections, intending to oust the ANC from power.

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