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Serial Litigant Declared Vexatious After Claiming Billions in Compensation



Serial Litigant Declared Vexatious After Claiming Billions in Compensation

David Chauke, a persistent litigant, has seen his numerous attempts at legal action meet with repeated failure, culminating in his classification as a vexatious litigant. This determination follows a series of unsuccessful court applications spanning various judicial system levels, including the Constitutional Court as reported by IOL.

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Chauke’s legal journey commenced in 2009 when he filed a claim for damages amounting to R6 billion against the Minister of Police and the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development. This action stemmed from his prior conviction on corruption charges, which he had successfully appealed. However, Chauke’s initial summons was deemed deficient, prompting the judge to suggest seeking assistance from a Law Clinic.

Unfazed by this setback, Chauke initiated another lawsuit against the same ministers, leading to the complete dismissal of his claim. His subsequent attempts at appeal and further litigation involved various high-ranking officials, including President Cyril Ramaphosa and judges, yet none of these attempts yielded success.

Chauke’s determination led him to repeatedly escalate his claims in terms of monetary compensation and the number of respondents. Despite these efforts, his cases were consistently struck down. His pursuits ranged from claims of R300 billion in compensation to $8 billion for a “research fund,” reflecting a pattern of inflated and excessive demands.


Acting Judge PA van Niekerk, presiding over one of Chauke’s latest applications, pointed out that the sheer number of applications and the absurd nature of the claims suggested irrationality and possibly malice on Chauke’s part. The judge concluded that these actions epitomised vexatious proceedings, displaying an unwarranted and persistent engagement in litigation without reasonable grounds.

The judge reached a decisive verdict with Chauke’s history of unsuccessful legal endeavours and the evident absence of valid reasons for his pursuits. David Chauke was declared a vexatious litigant, marking a significant point in his ongoing legal saga.

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