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Success Achieved in Gauteng Grade 1 and 8 Online Admissions Process



Gauteng grades 1 and 8

Gauteng grades 1 and 8 online applications were a success, according to the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE). SANews reports that the department received 757,075 applications for Grade 1 and Grade 8 placements.

Within this significant number, the department received 324,756 applications for Grade 1 and 432,219 applications for Grade 8. This accomplishment is due to ongoing enhancements to the application system, driven by continuous engagements with stakeholders and technological advancements.

The application period, which commenced on 15 June and concluded on 21 July 2023, marked a crucial phase in allocating placements for the upcoming academic year.

The GDE disclosed that the 2024 Online Admissions Placement Period for Grade 1 and Grade 8 will commence on 4 September 2023. During this period, parents and guardians with complete applications will receive SMS notifications containing placement offers to the contact numbers provided during the application process.

Recipients of these placement offers must access the official admissions website using their login credentials. Here, they can either accept the offer as final or choose to accept while waiting for potential alternative offers, all within a seven-day window.


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The department has emphasised the importance of parents and guardians proactively engaging with the placement process rather than waiting for notifications. It highlighted that SMS notifications will be dispatched on an ongoing basis from 4 September 2023 throughout the year, ensuring the accommodation of all applicants.

For those who do not receive SMS notifications, the GDE encourages them to visit the admissions website and utilise their credentials to check whether a placement offer has gone out.

Once an SMS confirms a child’s placement in Grade 1 or Grade 8 at a specific school, this will be considered a successful placement, and no further action will be necessary for acceptance.

To assist those who may have forgotten or lost their login credentials, the department provides a “Forgot Password” option on the admissions landing page, allowing users to regain access to the system.


Parents and guardians can contact call centre agents through phone (0800 000 789) or WhatsApp (060 891 0361) for further support.

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In anticipation of high call volumes and inquiries during placement, the GDE has urged patience and understanding from parents and guardians, assuring that officials are working diligently to assist everyone.

To address the challenge of oversubscribed schools, the department has identified 292 primary and 277 secondary schools as high-pressure schools due to the overwhelming number of applications exceeding their capacity.

With placement priority aligned to specific criteria and available space per school, unplaced applicants will be offered transfers to the nearest school with available space.


It is worth noting that transfer offers are only applicable after confirming that the schools initially applied to have reached full capacity. Parents and guardians receiving placement offers at schools they did not apply to can accept or decline the offer.

The GDE’s commitment to facilitating a seamless admissions process and ensuring equitable access to quality education remains steadfast, even as the 2024 Online Admissions Placement Period continues from 4 September 2023 onwards.

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Picture:  Pixabay / Kohji Asakawa


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