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Investigation Underway into Fire That Took Lives of 5 Children in Laudium



Laudium fire kills 5 children

A Laudium fire claimed the lives of five children, prompting Gauteng police to initiate a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the devastating incident.

EWN reports that the heart-wrenching incident occurred during the early hours of a Sunday morning at the Itireleng informal settlement. The blaze engulfed six homes, reducing them to ashes before emergency services could respond.

The emergency services only discovered the young victims’ bodies after fully extinguishing the fire.

Authorities have taken two sisters, the mothers of victims, into police custody to investigate the fire’s cause.

Preliminary information suggests that the two women had left their children unattended overnight while they went to a nearby tavern to consume alcohol. The devastating outcome underscores the importance of responsible parenting and protecting vulnerable children.


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All under seven victims were burnt beyond recognition, adding to the tragedy’s profound impact on the community.

Thabo Mabaso, the spokesperson for Tshwane Emergency Services, shared some of the grim details: “The five children, three boys aged two, four and six, and two girls aged one year five months and seven years of age belonged to the two sisters.”

Mabaso urged parents and caregivers to exercise extreme caution and responsibility to ensure children’s safety. He stressed the critical need for constant adult supervision and preventing situations where children are left unattended.

The community’s response to the tragedy has been collective mourning and support for the grieving families.


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Picture: Unsplash / Jay Heike

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