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Water Outages Crisis in Johannesburg: Mayor Amad Blames Rand Water and Reveals Shocking Lack of Communication



joburg and rand water's back and forth not helping supply crisis says amad

Recent water outages in several areas across Johannesburg have left residents without water. According to Eyewitness News, the City of Joburg has blamed Rand Water for the issue.

Mayor Thapelo Amad spoke at a media briefing in Johannesburg and said that the vandalism of Rand Water’s pumping systems severely affected the metro’s ability to supply water to residents. He expressed concern about the need for more communication between Johannesburg Water and Rand Water, leaving residents bewildered about who was responsible for the problem.

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The city will set up measures to address the issue to ensure residents are not affected by system failures from Rand Water. Meanwhile, the city will continue to supply water tankers to affected areas.

Amad also said that the city would bring in independent power producers to mitigate the effects of load shedding on the water supply to residents. The city is working on a permanent solution to the water crisis to become independent from Rand Water and serve residents more effectively.


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Picture:  Photo by Nithin PA