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Local Businesses Unite for World Clean-Up Day



Local Businesses Unite for World Clean-Up Day

World Cleanup Day serves as a global movement addressing the urgent issue of waste and pollution that plagues our planet. It’s a day when individuals, organisations, and communities worldwide converge to partake in cleanup endeavours, recycling campaigns, and educational outreach to promote proper waste management and the significance of a clean environment.

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In this spirit of collective action, SOJO Business and Tourism, along with a coalition of like-minded entities, including the City of Joburg, Thaba Eco Hotel, Mall of the South, Bidvest Prestige, Group 1 Nissan The Glen, Seeff Kibler Park, and various other local businesses, banded together to participate in World Cleanup Day actively, an annual event observed on September 16.

This united front underscores their unwavering commitment to establishing a cleaner and healthier environment for the residents and visitors of Johannesburg.

SOJO Business and Tourism, an influential organisation in Johannesburg renowned for its endeavours to promote tourism and stimulate economic growth, has consistently championed the principles of responsible tourism. They recognise that a pristine environment forms the bedrock of a thriving tourism industry and contributes significantly to the overall well-being of the community.


Nicky Vakaloudis, the CEO of SOJO Business and Tourism, expressed their enthusiasm to join the City of Joburg and fellow collaborators on World Cleanup Day. Vakaloudis emphasised, “Keeping our city clean is a shared responsibility and a vital step towards creating a sustainable future. The collaborative efforts of these businesses make a positive impact on the environment.”

The collective efforts of these businesses and organisations signify a powerful demonstration of their commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being, setting an inspiring example for others to follow in the pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Source: Local businesses join in a community effort for World Clean-Up Day

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Photo: Supplied by Southern Courier

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