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Hospital Extends Visiting Hours to Provide Families with More Time



Hospital Extends Visiting Hours to Provide Families with More Time

Starting on October 1, Thelle Mogoerane Regional Hospital (TMRH) is set to extend its visiting hours by an additional hour, a move aimed at accommodating the needs of families with busy daytime schedules.

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The hospital officially communicated this adjustment on September 12, a decision that is likely to be warmly welcomed by numerous families who are often compelled to report for work during the day, leaving them with limited time to visit their loved ones in the hospital.

Joseph Monaheng, the Assistant Director of Communication at TMRH, explained that the new visiting hours will shift from 14:00 until 16:00 to a more accommodating slot of 14:00 to 17:00. This additional hour is intended to enable members of the public to visit and retrieve their loved ones after their own working hours.

However, in line with safety precautions for both hospital staff and patients, TMRH continues to uphold restrictions on night visits. Only two visitors at a time will be permitted to see a patient, as safety remains a paramount concern.


TMRH also emphasises the importance of hygiene practices within the hospital premises. Visitors are encouraged to adhere to hygiene measures such as regular hand washing, sanitisers, and wearing masks when necessary.

The extension of visiting hours at Thelle Mogoerane Regional Hospital signifies a proactive step to enhance the overall patient experience and accommodate families’ schedules, contributing to a more supportive and accessible healthcare environment.

Source: Hospital adjust visiting hours to offer families more time

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