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Numsa Members Initiate Strike at Ekapa Mine in Kimberley




The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) initiated a strike at Ekapa Mine in Kimberley. Notably, this mine had been under the ownership of the mining giant De Beers before their withdrawal from the Northern Cape as reported by SABC News.

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The primary demands of the workers involve three key aspects: an augmentation in wages, enhanced housing allowances, and an upsurge in medical aid provisions. In response, Ekapa Mine has asserted its financial incapability to meet the stipulated demands set forth by the workers.

Phakamile Hlubi-Majola, the spokesperson for Numsa, has elucidated the union’s requisites. Hlubi-Majola states, “Our requisites include a 17% wage escalation within a one-year agreement, a standard entry-level remuneration of R17 500 for all workers, and a monthly housing allowance of R2 850. Additionally, we seek an elevation of the medical aid coverage to R2 650. Contrarily, the employer has presented a proposal outlining a three-year wage agreement.”

In detail, the proposal extended by the mine entails a 6.5% annual increment for all workers across the board for the duration of the three-year agreement. A distinct facet emerges wherein Ekapa Mine, citing financial constraints, has chosen to confer a 17% wage elevation solely to employees falling within the designated “C band” category.


This scenario underscores the contrasting perspectives and positions of Numsa and Ekapa Mine, reflecting the complex dynamics of labour negotiations and economic considerations.

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