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Outstanding Braai Master: The Culinary Expert from Alberton



Corne 'Borries' Bornman (46)

Corne “Borries” Bornman, a 46-year-old Alberton native, has deeply connected with food since he was 14. His culinary journey began when he entered his first potjie competition during Grade 12, winning a holiday that ignited his passion for outdoor cooking. This enthusiasm continued through his studies at Wits Hotel School, where he honed his skills and ventured into hosting, participating, and triumphing in various outdoor cooking competitions.

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Apart from being an outdoor cooking expert, Bornman is also an integral part of Borisimo’s Guesthouse, which was established in 2006. His affiliation with the family business spans 18 years. As a B&B, Borisimo’s Guesthouse now serves breakfast and dinner to external guests, further enhancing the overall experience.

Reflecting on his outdoor cooking journey, Bornman expressed how his fascination with cooking with fire grew significantly over the past decade. This interest led him to participate in a TV cooking show a decade ago, paving the way for further adventures. He ventured to the United States, where he captained teams competing in BBQ-smoking competitions for four years. His culinary prowess shone on the screen again when he triumphed in season six of Ultimate Braai Master in 2018 and participated in Bring en Braai.

The opportunity to join the renowned show “Kokkedoor Vuur en Vlam” became another milestone in Bornman’s outdoor cooking voyage. Auditioning in Cape Town, he showcased his fire expertise and culinary creativity to the judging panel, earning him a spot on the show. Bornman is now among the 20 contestants divided into 10 teams of two, participating in the Kinkelbraaiers category.


Elaborating on the competition, Bornman described it as a blend of luck, faith, and skill. He acknowledged its challenges but emphasized the importance of time management, strategic thinking, and quick problem-solving when faced with unexpected hurdles.

Bornman’s favourite meat to cook is steak, but he also enjoys exploring diverse flavours and innovative cooking techniques, especially for all kinds of meat.

As a dedicated team player, Bornman considers his guesthouse team akin to a band united by their commitment to excellence. With their support, Bornman can freely experiment with outdoor cooking and continue to pursue his passion wholeheartedly.

For those eager to follow Borries and his team’s progress in “Kokkedoor Vuur en Vlam,” the show airs on kykNET, with the first episode being broadcast on July 27 at 20:00. The competition promises excitement. It showcases Bornman’s expertise, adding another exciting chapter to his outdoor cooking journey.

Source: Alberton resident an outstanding braai master


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Photo: Supplied by Alberton Recored

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