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Reddam House Twins Shine on the Global Stage with Their Talents



Reddam House Twins Shine on the Global Stage with Their Talents

Reddam House Bedfordview takes pride in its young talents, with nine-year-old twins Phoenix and Diego Berardone making their mark in the world of sports. Each of them has embraced their chosen disciplines with exceptional dedication and skill.

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Diego Berardone, at just nine years old, is a rising star in motorsport. He is set to represent South Africa for the second time at the prestigious Tillotson Nations Cup from September 21 to 24 in Spain. Notably, Diego’s participation in this competition makes him the youngest racer to qualify for the South African Tillotson Racing Team on both occasions. His journey into motorsport began when his father introduced him to the sport just before his seventh birthday. Diego is drawn to the sport for the adrenaline rush, competitive spirit, and exhilarating speed that go-karting offers.

Diego’s dedication and natural talent have earned him the prestigious South African Tillotson championship for two consecutive years, a remarkable achievement for a young racer. He diligently trains once or twice a week, and his unwavering commitment is evident as he practices daily on his home cart rig. Despite facing challenges such as competing against older opponents, intimidation, and overcoming accidents, Diego continues to shine in motorsport. Beyond karting, he also actively participates in soccer and athletics, showcasing his versatility in sports.

Phoenix Berardone embarked on her journey in rhythmic gymnastics at a similar age. Her grace and precision in this discipline have captivated audiences and garnered her significant recognition. In June, she received her junior central Gauteng colours in rhythmic gymnastics, competing in free and hoop routines. Her talents extend to group gymnastics, where her exceptional performance earned her senior central Gauteng colours and a spot in the South African gym games scheduled for October.


For Phoenix, gymnastics is a passion and a source of joy and excitement. She particularly enjoys handstands and fondly recalls asking her parents for permission to pursue gymnastics before her seventh birthday. She finds great happiness in the sense of fun and camaraderie of being part of a team.

What makes the achievements of both Diego and Phoenix even more remarkable is their exceptional academic performance. They demonstrate their dedication and commitment not only on the field and mat but also in the classroom. Their mother, Crystal, commends their ability to balance their athletic pursuits with academic excellence, underscoring the sacrifices and hard work that underlie their accomplishments.

The Berardone twins’ journey is a testament to their talent and a tribute to their unwavering dedication and the support of their family and coaches. Their accomplishments at such a young age serve as an inspiration to all aspiring young athletes and scholars.

Source: Reddam House twins showcase their talents on a world stage

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Photo: Supplied by Bedfordview Edenvale News

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