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Johannesburg’s Finance MMC Urges Residents to Prioritise Municipal Payments



Finance MMC

Johannesburg’s Finance MMC, Dada Morero, has issued a plea to residents, urging them to prioritise the payment of their municipal accounts. He expressed concern that the city’s financial resources are rapidly depleting due to nonpayment by residents as reported by the Sowetan Live.

During engagements with various communities and stakeholders, Morero disputed claims that the entire Ennerdale community was unable to pay for municipal services. He pointed out that the presence of luxurious cars parked at car washes in Ennerdale on Saturdays indicates that a portion of the population is capable of affording these services.

Morero emphasised the significance of revenue collection and service payment for the sustainability of Johannesburg as a functioning city. He highlighted that the city relies on three main sources of revenue: electricity, water, and property taxes (known as rates). Approximately 65% of the city’s annual budget comes from ratepayers.

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The MMC stressed that without adequate funds from ratepayers, the municipality would be unable to deliver the services that communities are demanding. He urged residents, particularly those in the middle class in areas like Soweto who drive luxury cars, to fulfil their financial obligations as they have the means to do so.


Payment of municipal accounts covers not only essential services such as road maintenance, waste collection, traffic control, sewage, street lighting, and water supply but also supports additional services like community policing, housing for the disadvantaged, and improved bus services. Morero assured residents that a plan would be implemented to address billing queries and resolve any related issues directly with the affected account holders.

Morero encouraged economically disadvantaged residents to come forward with evidence of their circumstances, such as unemployment or financial constraints. As a result, such individuals would be eligible for rebates and other social services offered through an expanded social package. Additionally, pensioners would also have the opportunity to qualify for rebates.

While acknowledging the responsibility of individuals to apply for rebates at municipal offices, Morero emphasised the importance of managing electricity and water consumption. He assured residents that a certain amount of free water and electricity would be provided, but responsible usage was crucial.

Morero emphasised that paying municipal accounts is an investment in the future, as it contributes to increasing property values and ensures a legacy for one’s children. Furthermore, he underscored that financial contributions are essential to prevent the city from facing bankruptcy, which would have severe implications for the provision of basic services to millions of residents.

The MMC assured residents with existing debts that assistance would be provided, including guidance on debt restructuring and measures to help them return to good standing with the city.


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Photo: Facebook / @Dada Morero