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Ramaphosa: SA Rejects Global Powers’ Contest



Cyril Ramaphosa

During an Africa Day celebration in Krugersdorp, President Cyril Ramaphosa affirmed South Africa’s commitment to its independent and non-aligned foreign policy. He emphasised that global power struggles would not sway South Africa and would prioritise peaceful conflict resolution as reported by The Star.

The strained relationship with the United States, a key trade ally, due to South Africa’s non-aligned stance in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict was also addressed. President Ramaphosa dismissed allegations of arms sales to Russia, stating that there was no substantial evidence.

He expressed concerns about countries facing penalties for pursuing an independent foreign policy but did not elaborate on the specific threats or consequences.

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Reflecting on past proxy wars on African soil, the president stressed the need to avoid such conflicts.


The South African government is also facing a decision regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s upcoming visit, as the International Criminal Court has issued a warrant for his arrest in connection with the Ukraine conflict.

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Photo: Facebook / @Cyril Ramaphosa

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