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Joburg Residents Urged to Allow Water Tankers Access



Water Tankers

Residents in affected areas, including Soweto and the Langlaagte region, are being urged by Johannesburg Water to allow water tankers access to their communities during the Rand Water shutdown.

In some instances, residents have obstructed the entry of Johannesburg Water tankers into these areas, leading to exacerbated water shortages and delays in providing water, as reported by Johannesburg Water.

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To address the situation, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) has been called to assist in the Langlaagte region.

Johannesburg Water acknowledges the increased turnaround times for refilling water tankers at filling points and assures the public that efforts are underway to mitigate these challenges.


While recognizing residents’ frustration, Johannesburg Water pleads with community members not to seek water from critical sites such as hospitals and clinics, as this significantly impacts the water supply needed for healthcare facilities.

To address the critical water supply needs, Johannesburg Water is redeploying water trucks from the Daleside system, where normal supply has been restored, to areas that remain in critical condition, such as the Roodepoort/Randburg and Southdale regions.


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Updates on progress as of Thursday morning include:

Zwartkopjes Booster Pump Station (Johannesburg South and CBD):
Work has been completed according to schedule at Zwartkopjes, and pumping has resumed. The Rand Water system is expected to begin recovering, after which Johannesburg Water will initiate its recovery efforts.

Eikenhof Booster Pump Station (greater Randburg / Roodepoort areas):
The Randburg/Roodepoort system faces depleted reservoirs, including the Waterval 2 and Weltevreden reservoirs.

Eikenhof Booster Pump Station (Soweto, South of Johannesburg and Lenasia):
The water systems in Soweto and Lenasia are critically low to empty, resulting in a high demand for alternative water supply. Johannesburg Water urgently appeals to residents to allow water trucks to service their areas.

Efforts are underway to address the water supply challenges, and Johannesburg Water urges residents to cooperate to effectively provide water during the Rand Water shutdown.

Source: Residents urged to allow water tankers access to communities


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