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Mayor Warns: If Pretoria Falls – South Africa Falls



SA will fall if Pretoria falls

Cilliers Brink says SA will fall if Pretoria falls. The Tshwane Mayor remains resolute in his decision not to grant salary increases this year despite disruptions in service delivery caused by unions.

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Brink emphasised that this stance isn’t personal but a commitment to the clean and healthy governance promised in 2016. He underlined the city’s financial constraints, explaining that there simply isn’t the approximately R600 million needed for the proposed 5.4% salary hikes.

The city, already underfunded by R3 billion by the end of June, faces the risk of bankruptcy if the metro grants these increases. Brink sees this as a larger issue beyond labour negotiations, highlighting the need to shift away from a culture of intimidation for salary adjustments.

Source: Mayor says if Pretoria falls, SA falls


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