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Tshwane Grapples with Employee Attacks and Fleet Arson Incidents



attacks on tshwane employees and vehicles

The attacks on Tshwane employees and vehicles on Wednesday have the metro strongly condemning the acts as “thuggish, violent, brazen, shameful, deeply saddening, angering, and shocking”. These attacks are allegedly carried out by individuals participating in an unlawful strike that has plagued the metro for over a month.

On September 13, violence and destruction erupted in Pretoria’s CBD, leaving several assets of Tshwane charred and damaged. The mayor of Tshwane has called for urgent engagement with higher levels of government to intensify the investigation into these crimes and make the necessary arrests.

Grandi Theunissen, MMC for community safety, expressed concern that sporadic violence linked to the illegal strike has escalated into organised violence aimed at destabilising Tshwane. The coordinated attacks targeted the city, its property, and its employees.

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During these violent incidents in the Pretoria CBD, a Tshwane bakkie, a water tanker, three water and sanitation trucks, and an A Re Yeng bus were damaged. Perpetrators torched four vehicles and violently assaulted an employee, leaving them in a severe condition and requiring hospitalisation.


Tshwane metro spokesperson Selby Bokaba labelled the destruction of property as “brazen, shameful, deeply saddening, angering, and shocking.” The attacks occurred outside the Prince’s Park depot in Pretoria CBD and along various streets, affecting vital city services.

City manager Johann Mettler has called for relentless pursuit and prosecution of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes.

As a result of these incidents, the metro suspended all A Re Yeng and Tshwane bus services, leaving commuters without metro-provided transportation. Commuters should arrange alternative transport, and updates on future bus operations will be provided.

Source: Tshwane vexed by attacks on employees and the torching of its fleet

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