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Thousands of Litres of Water Lost in Ongoing Leak in Alberton North



Thousands of Litres of Water Lost in Ongoing Leak in Alberton North

Amid the last fortnight’s transition into a new season, the City of Ekurhuleni has grappled with a notable surge in requests for emergency interventions concerning burst pipes. This sudden uptick directly responds to a prolonged water leak grievance, spanning at least three weeks, unfurling its impact on 7th Avenue in Alberton North. This situation has led to a disheartening waste of numerous litres of water, further exacerbating the issue’s urgency.

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Amidst the lamentable state of affairs, a particularly disconcerted complainant has voiced their frustrations. The central tenet of their grievance revolves around a conspicuous lack of accountability in addressing the substantial water wastage that has unfolded. At the core of their contention lies the claim that the original reference number assigned to this specific water leak incident was abruptly nullified without any subsequent actions to address the matter.

With an air of exasperation, the complainant raises probing questions that reverberate with a sense of accountability-seeking urgency. They inquire whether there are plans for training or the initiation of a disciplinary process for the individual responsible for the closure of a grievous water leak complaint. Furthermore, they seek assurances about preventative measures to avert the recurrence of such dismissive attitudes towards leaks. They also point out a need for more response from the water department regarding the issued reference number or the array of grievances.

The complainant delves deeper into their ordeal, highlighting the frustratingly unresponsive nature of communication channels. Attempts to contact the relevant 011 999 numbers at the water or municipal departments have yet to yield fruitful outcomes. This poignant observation underscores the challenges concerned citizens face in engaging with authorities.


Injecting a dose of scepticism, the complainant casts doubt upon the criteria that dictate the prioritisation of leak resolutions regarding their urgency. They challenge the departments to validate their claim of addressing more significant leaks, placing a bet on the inability or unwillingness to substantiate this assertion. This audacious statement underscores their determination to shed light on the perceived inconsistencies.

Presenting a counterpoint, Ekurhuleni spokesperson Zweli Dlamini enters the discourse. His acknowledgement of the issue resonates with a tone of understanding. “Please note that the city is aware of the 300mm steel pipe leaking in the area. We are trying our best to repair the leak. However, the turnaround time for repairs is taking longer than expected,” he articulates. This response encapsulates a commitment to addressing the concern and transparency about the challenges encountered.

A nuanced narrative emerges in this tale of seasonal surges, water wastage, and concerned citizens. The complainant’s frustrations and their pointed inquiries highlight a struggle for accountability and effective communication. The spokesperson’s response offers a glimpse into the complexities faced by municipal bodies in promptly rectifying such issues.

Source: Water leak: thousands of litres lost in Alberton North

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