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Wierdapark Residents Take Action to Address Local Challenges



Wierdapark Residents Take Action to Address Local Challenges

Over the weekend, Wierdapark residents proactively addressed a backlog in service delivery by coming together to clean and maintain their neighbourhood.

Armed with brooms, spades, gloves, and masks, the residents joined forces while skilled plumbers generously volunteered their expertise to tackle sewerage line blockages plaguing the area.

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Service sectors like water and sanitation, waste collection, and roads and transport had been adversely affected due to ongoing issues stemming from a wage dispute between the city and its workers.

Liza Vorster, the chairperson of the Wierdapark Residents Association (WPRA), described the cleanup initiative as a resounding success. The community’s efforts were concentrated on Badenhorst, Hendrik, and Chris Hougaard streets, with the first two proceeding smoothly.


However, the sewerage blockage in Chris Hougaard Street posed a formidable challenge. Plumbers dedicated nearly five hours to resolving the issue without success.

Vorster expressed gratitude to all WPRA members who dedicated their time to actively participate in the cleanup and similar projects, emphasizing that these endeavours mark just the beginning of a broader effort.

In light of persistent service delivery issues, Vorster remarked, “we now have to step in where we can.”

While some sewerage leaks had persisted since the strike began in July, the volunteers addressed several of them. Nonetheless, certain major leaks remained unresolved, including the Springbok-Willem Botha and Chris Hougaard leaks.

Resident Francois Mellet, who assisted the plumbers during the cleanup, acknowledged the disappointment of not clearing the blockage after a lengthy effort. However, he underscored the positive spirit prevailing among the residents, noting that they had the opportunity to connect with fellow neighbours and interesting individuals during the undertaking.


Ward councillor Marika Kruger-Muller expressed her gratitude for the residents’ invaluable assistance, recognizing the HiTech group plumbers, WPRA, and all participating residents for their dedication to the community’s well-being.

Source: Wierdapark residents tackle mess

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Photo: Supplied by Rekord

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