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Puppy Rescued from a Tragic Fate



Puppy Rescued from a Tragic Fate

Eight-week-old Adara, a shepherd-cross puppy, is on the brink of starting a new chapter in her life as she prepares to be handed over to her new owner following a remarkable five-week recovery at The Animal Guardians (TAG).

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In early August, the distressed puppy was rushed to TAG for urgent medical attention by an employee from Crazy Pets in Boksburg. Adara had suffered severe burns, and her condition was dire.

According to Annie Jungmann, who works at the shelter, it’s believed that a homeless man sought help for an injured puppy at the pet retailer. Witnessing the gravity of Adara’s injuries, it’s suspected that someone had subjected her to the horrifying act of throwing boiling water on her.

Adara’s condition was heart-wrenching. Her skin was blistered, her eyes swollen shut, and she was in immense pain. TAG’s veterinary team acted swiftly to provide her with the necessary treatment and care, and she was entrusted to the shelter’s guardians.


Over the following weeks, the puppy received diligent attention, with Katie O’Neill taking on the responsibility of tending to her wounds. Despite her ordeal, Adara displayed a resilient spirit right from the start. She maintained a healthy appetite and exhibited typical playful puppy behaviours. She quickly won the hearts of everyone with her irresistible charm.

Initially, Adara’s breed was still being determined, leaving the TAG team in a bit of a puzzle. Some even humorously compared her to the famous actor Danny DeVito due to her unique appearance. However, as time passed, her breed became more apparent, although her ears remained slightly lop-sided, resting flat on her head like a bow.

Jungmann expressed gratitude to the compassionate individuals who swiftly saved Adara and brought her to the shelter for care. Their prompt intervention spared her from a bleak fate.

As Adara approaches the moment when she’ll leaves the shelter, everyone at TAG eagerly looks forward to finding a loving home with her new family, marking the beginning of a brighter, happier life for the brave little puppy.

Source: Pup saved from awful fate


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Photo: Supplied by Benoni City Times

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