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15 Trees Planted in Celebration of Arbor Month



15 Trees Planted in Celebration of Arbor Month

In a heartfelt celebration of Arbor Month, the Lonehill Residents Association (LRA) marked September 12 by planting 15 White Stinkwood trees along Leslie Road. This cherished tradition, observed annually on Arbor Day, is a meaningful way for the LRA to give back to the Lonehill community. According to Nadeem Abrahams, the Environmental Manager of LRA, these trees are indigenous to the region and are highly favoured in Johannesburg.

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Abrahams expressed his attachment to the gesture, emphasising, “This gesture is very close to my heart because a greener community is always healthier.”

The event witnessed the presence of Ward 93 Councillor Vino Reddy, adding significance to the occasion. Reddy commended the LRA’s dedication to environmental well-being, stating, “We planted the trees, and this demonstrated the LRA’s commitment to the environment. They have been contributing to the wellness of our city, and that is always appreciated.”

Reddy also had the privilege of planting the first of the 15 trees, further underlining the collective commitment to fostering a greener and healthier community.


The community members expressed their gratitude for the initiative, recognising that it benefits the ecosystem and enhances the city’s aesthetics. One resident remarked, “This does not only help the ecosystem; it also makes our city prettier because plants bring life.”

The Arbor Month celebration exemplifies the positive impact of community-driven initiatives in creating a sustainable and beautiful environment for all to enjoy.

Source: 15 trees planted in honour of Arbor Month

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Photo: Supplied by Fourways Review

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