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The Landscape Transformation by Large-Scale Developers



The Landscape Transformation by Large-Scale Developers

While Sandton CBD proudly bears the moniker of ‘Africa’s richest square mile,’ just a short distance away lies Morningside, an upmarket suburb that has been catching the eye of property developers and the broader Gauteng community.

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Traditionally a tranquil enclave, Morningside is now experiencing a surge in growth reminiscent of the upscale Sandton CBD’s earlier years. Gauteng, known as a fertile ground for economic expansion and development, has positioned Morningside as a pivotal player in this ever-evolving landscape.

The surge in demand has not gone unnoticed by residential developers. Commercial property developers are also making their mark in the area, keen to identify, secure, and develop prime locations to capitalise on this burgeoning region. A notable example is Stor-Age, South Africa’s largest and most reputable self-storage company, which recently inaugurated a new self-storage facility on Rivonia Road.

This R125 million property investment by Stor-Age in Morningside holds great promise. Beyond creating jobs, it is poised to foster small business development in the vicinity. The facility empowers individuals and companies alike, enabling them to embrace growth, streamline operations, and optimise their living and working spaces seamlessly.


Given Morningside’s growing scarcity of space, Stor-Age has zeroed in on a practical solution to address residents’ need for convenient and secure storage. The company offers flexible lease options, departing from traditional storage models, granting residents and businesses access to space for as short or as long as they require.

The opening of Stor-Age’s latest facility adds to the burgeoning portfolio of sleek, state-of-the-art developments in Morningside. The area is poised to see more unique projects taking shape shortly.

For those interested in exploring Stor-Age’s facility, it is conveniently located at 255 Rivonia Road, Morningside, offering a glimpse into the exciting transformations occurring in this thriving neighbourhood.

Source: How large-scale developers are transforming the landscape

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