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Gauteng Province Hosts Africa’s Smarter Mobility Summit



Gauteng Province Hosts Africa's Smarter Mobility Summit

As the calendar approaches the annual October Transport Month (OTM) in South Africa, a time of both celebration and progress evaluation within the realm of transportation, a significant partnership is set to unfold. The Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport, in collaboration with the Smarter Mobility Africa (SMA) summit, eagerly announces an unprecedented event program slated for October as reported by Engineering News.

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This pioneering alliance highlights the pivotal role that the transportation sector assumes in striving to attain the 2030 goals. Moreover, it underscores the Gauteng Province’s steadfast commitment to advancing the seamless movement of people and goods, a commitment that resonates on regional and global scales.

The upcoming SMA summit, now entering its fifth year, is strategically scheduled during the concurrent October Transport Month and Africa Mobility Month from October 1st to 3rd, 2023. With an unwavering emphasis on mobility’s significance as a catalyst for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and broader 2030 aspirations across the continent, the SMA summit echoes the resounding message that the integration of smarter mobility is a pivotal linchpin for catalysing economic growth, job creation, equality enhancement, environmental protection, and public health improvement.

Speaking with anticipation about this year’s October Transport Month, operating under the theme “Growing Gauteng Together through Smart Mobility,” MEC Kedibone Diale-Tlabela affirms the importance of the partnership between the Gauteng Province and Smarter Mobility Africa. Highlighting the milestone of five years of collaboration, Diale-Tlabela underscores the significance of showcasing the Provincial government’s contributions to enhancing mobility within the province during this vital month.


The event itself will once again convene a diverse assemblage of industry experts hailing from across the globe. It will serve as a nexus for policymakers and representatives from African cities, while providing a platform for visionaries and innovators to unveil their solutions and ideas to organisations actively seeking mobility-related remedies.

Ben Pullen, the Group Director of Mobility at Vuka Group, the driving force behind the Smarter Mobility Africa summit, elucidates that this year’s conference, designed to propel discourse and advancement within the domain of mobility, stands to gain from the steadily maturing partnership with the Gauteng Province. Pullen underscores the strategic alignment between the summit and the province’s dedication to tackling mobility challenges and opportunities in Africa. This symbiotic relationship reaches a new echelon as the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport is unveiled as the key Hosting Partner for the landmark 2023 summit.

Acknowledging the substantial collaborative effort required for the organisation of Africa’s premier integrated smarter mobility event, Pullen emphasises the pivotal role played by Hosting Partners and broader stakeholders. Their collective commitment ensures that the summit delivers tangible solutions to on-the-ground challenges and substantially advances the transport landscape across the continent. Pullen expresses gratitude for the steadfast support of Hosting Partners, which has culminated in the preparation and imminent execution of the fifth SMA summit in October.

With unwavering enthusiasm, Pullen underscores the expectation of a warm reception for stakeholders from Africa and beyond in the welcoming embrace of Gauteng Province. He envisions the Smarter Mobility Africa Summit as yet another forum to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders, ultimately forging a superior transportation system that fuels economic growth and job creation—a sentiment in alignment with the province’s rallying slogan “Aga Le Rona” (let us build together).

The comprehensive summit agenda encompasses an array of themes that intersect with mobility, including Micromobility, Public Transport, New Energy Vehicles & Battery Technology, Mobility as a Service, and Smarter Fleets.


Beyond the intellectually stimulating conference proceedings, attendees are promised various engaging experiences. This includes enlightening addresses by accomplished speakers, avant-garde exhibitions showcasing groundbreaking products and services, specialised events tailored to address industry-specific challenges, opportunities to test-drive the latest vehicles, immersive education site visits, and instructive training workshops. The Mobility Start-up Village will also create avenues for participants to interact with pioneering mobility start-ups and SMEs across Africa.

The article emphasises the significant networking potential that the summit offers to professionals in the realms of transport, logistics, energy, and sustainability. Pullen emphasises the value of the summit’s concierge-led matchmaking service, designed to foster meaningful connections with potential business collaborators. He concludes by urging stakeholders not to overlook this invaluable opportunity to forge transformative partnerships to reshape and elevate their respective enterprises.

The call is extended to join the Smarter Mobility Africa Summit, an event scheduled to transpire from October 1st to 3rd at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. Interested individuals are invited to access further information and register for the event by visiting the official website:

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