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Fatal Lion Attack Claims Life of Man in Pretoria North Reserve



Fatal Lion Attack Claims Life of Man in Pretoria North Reserve

In the northern region of Pretoria, within the Dinokeng Game Reserve, a tragic incident unfolded as a worker on a property was attacked and fatally wounded by lions recently.

The occurrence is said to have occurred during the evening hours of a Sunday, as confirmed by a local community member.

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According to Hartogh Streicher, the spokesperson for the management of the game reserve, the incident transpired within the reserve while the individual was endeavouring to return to the property under cover of night.

Streicher elaborates on the sequence of events, noting that the reserve’s fencing team made a grim discovery around 10:37 AM on August 14. Subsequently, the operations manager promptly responded to confirm the tragic event involving a human fatality.


Immediate contact was established with the police, initiating an ongoing investigation into the incident.

Streicher further expounds that the process of identifying the victim is underway, and the reserve has conveyed its condolences to the bereaved family.

Acknowledging the nature of lions as nocturnal creatures driven by their inherent instincts and hunting behaviours, Streicher points out that lions may perceive individuals as potential prey due to their natural tendencies.

Regarding the lions responsible for this tragic incident, Streicher indicates that no determination has been reached concerning their unnatural aggression.

In response to the situation, the reserve actively seeks expert counsel to make well-informed decisions that prioritise the safety and interests of all parties involved. Streicher takes the opportunity to emphasise the importance of adhering to the reserve’s regulations, stressing that visitors and landowners should comply for their own safety.


Outlined within these rules are several key directives:

  • Pedestrians are not permitted within the reserve.
  • Disembarking from vehicles is only allowed within designated areas.
  • Utilising bicycles, quad bikes, horses, or similar unprotected modes of transportation is restricted unless accompanied by a SATOUR-accredited guide or for official purposes.

This unfortunate incident prompts a renewed focus on safety measures within the Dinokeng Game Reserve. It underscores the necessity of respecting the guidelines set forth for the well-being of all within its boundaries.

Source: Man killed by lions in Pretoria North reserve

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Photo: Suppled by Citizen

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