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Anticipated Apple Releases for 2023: iPhone 15, AR/VR Headset, and Other Products



Apple is notoriously tight-lipped about its upcoming product releases, but rumours, reports, and leaks can provide valuable hints about what the company has in store for 2023. While specific details are still uncertain, certain devices tend to launch around the same time each year, giving us some idea of what to expect as reported by CNET.

For instance, there has been much talk about Apple’s long-rumoured mixed-reality headset, which could mark an entirely new product category for the company.

Rumors suggest that Apple may introduce several firsts in 2023, including an AR/VR headset, an iPhone with USB-C, and a 15-inch MacBook Air. These updates indicate that Apple is striving to enhance its devices to compete with Android and Windows competitors, which provide larger screens and universal USB-C charging.

In addition to these major updates, Apple has already released several minor launches in 2023, including a new yellow version of the iPhone 14, an updated HomePod, and updated MacBook Pro computers with the new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips.

While Apple has not yet commented on these rumours and reports, we can look back at the company’s previous launches to understand what to expect. For instance, Apple usually releases new iPhones in September, and we can expect to see the iPhone 15 launch around that time this year. Among the most significant changes could be the switch from the Lightning charging port to USB-C, as new rules require tech products sold in Europe to support USB-C by 2024.


We can also look forward to the potential debut of Apple’s mixed-reality headset in June, which is expected to combine augmented and virtual reality elements. Though the device could cost as much as $3,000, it could also popularise the technology, given Apple’s long history of doing so with other products.

While we may not see significant changes to the Apple Watch Series 9, we can look forward to the release of a new iMac in the second half of the year. The refreshed computer is expected to feature internal design changes and run on Apple’s rumoured M3 processor.

Photo by Dennis Brendel on Unsplash

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