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Stay Safe and Warm: Johannesburg EMS Warns Against Heating Hazards During Cold Front



As a cold front sweeps across Gauteng, the City of Johannesburg’s Emergency Management Services (EMS) urges residents to stay vigilant while using heating devices. The South African Weather Services have forecasted heavy rains and strong winds from this afternoon through tomorrow, amplifying the need for caution to prevent fire incidents.

Johannesburg on High Alert

Robert Mulaudzi, the spokesperson for Johannesburg EMS, emphasized that emergency services are on high alert. “We have activated our Disaster Management Monitoring teams in all seven regions of the City of Johannesburg. All our 29 fire stations are fully operational and ready to respond to any emergencies,” he stated.

Heating Hazards: What You Need to Know

Mulaudzi’s warning comes as residents turn to various heating devices to combat the cold. It’s crucial to use these devices safely to avoid potential fire hazards. Improper use of heaters, braziers, and other heating equipment can lead to disastrous consequences.

Tshwane’s Safety Advisory

Similarly, the City of Tshwane’s EMS services have issued an alert for possible severe thunderstorms. Charles Mabaso, Tshwane EMS spokesperson, shared important safety tips. He cautioned against the indoor use of charcoal braziers, which emit deadly carbon monoxide. Mabaso also advised careful use of space heaters, electric, gas, and paraffin heaters.

“Ensure you follow safety precautions to avoid fire risks. These tips are not exhaustive, so please stay informed and do everything possible to remain safe,” Mabaso added.


Quick Safety Tips for Heating Devices

  1. Ventilate: Always ensure proper ventilation when using heaters.
  2. Distance: Keep flammable materials away from heaters.
  3. Unattended Use: Never leave heating devices unattended.
  4. Inspection: Regularly check heating equipment for faults.
  5. Carbon Monoxide: Avoid using charcoal indoors to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.


As the cold front approaches, it’s essential to prioritize safety while keeping warm. Both Johannesburg and Tshwane EMS are prepared to respond to emergencies, but prevention starts with you. Stay informed, follow safety guidelines, and ensure your heating practices are safe to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Stay safe, warm, and cautious during this cold snap. For more updates and safety tips, keep an eye on official EMS communications.

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