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Nardi: Rising Star Emerges from Alexandra




Nardi, a newcomer with abundant potential, is a rising star who rules the musical space with her transparent music, propelling her professionally and personally.

At just 22 years old, South African-born singer Nokulunga Qwabe (known as “Nardi”) has already proven she can successfully blend various musical genres, such as R&B and Afrobeat, into her own unique style. Through this musical fusion, she showcases her versatility and talent.

Reflecting legends like Rihanna, Nardi’s musical journey started at a young age, and she has been working on customised material for the last five years.

In one of her recent tracks, she collaborates with Sir Ice Muzik, titled “Khululeka”. The song is about self-exploration and inner healing. Through this song, she encourages people to dig deeper into the spiritual dimension of their inner selves.

The song has been amazing. It was voted among the top ten music videos in Channel O’s renowned Top 10 list and has over 100,000 streams on YouTube.


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Nevertheless, her achievement, as Nardi puts it, peaked when her song was used in the episode of the most viewed South African TV series, Skeem Saam, which is set for airing on April 12. This will lift up her music’s visibility.

She touched on her musical journey so far by expressing humble thanks for the fantastic support and recognition her song “Khululeka” has gained until now, describing the ordeal as impossible.

Beyond music, Nardi sees her artistic endeavour as a vital means of social transformation. She wants to harness her position as a facilitator to promote the worthy cause and messages of bliss.

She makes her melodies and powerful lyrics appealing and triumph in the music business, and she inspires those who own their truth and follow their dreams.


Source: Nardi an emerging star from Alexandra

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Picture: Meta / Nokulunga Qwabe

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