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Collaborative Efforts: Edenvale Police and Businesses Devise Solutions to Combat Business Robberies



business robberies in Edenvale

To address the alarming increase in business robberies in Edenvale, local police authorities met with shop owners from the central business district (CBD) and surrounding areas. The gathering, which took place at the Greenstone Shopping Centre on August 23, aimed to identify strategies to curb this concerning trend collaboratively.

During the meeting, they discussed various key points to foster a safer environment for businesses and their patrons:

  • Closing Time of Businesses: Ekurhuleni District Communications officer Nelda Sekgobela highlighted the importance of businesses adhering to reasonable closing times. Keeping establishments open late into the night can render them vulnerable to criminal activities.
  • Effective Use of Panic Buttons: Participants emphasized the necessity of promptly activating panic buttons in emergencies, ensuring rapid response from law enforcement.
  • Timely Reporting to Police: Shop owners were encouraged to report incidents to the police without delay, enabling law enforcement to take immediate action.
  • Enhanced Security Guard Vigilance: Ensuring security personnel remain vigilant and proactive in deterring potential criminal activities.
  • Preventing On-Premises Sleeping: The discussion touched on discouraging staff from sleeping on business premises, which can compromise security.
  • Addressing Language Barriers: With foreign nationals owning numerous stores, overcoming language barriers to communicate security measures effectively was considered crucial.

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While the Edenvale SAPS precinct reported decreased business robberies and shop thefts, the meeting aimed to address the remaining challenges. A collective commitment was reached among shop owners to abide by a 21:00 closing time and to establish a business-against-crime group to combat criminal activities.

Nelda Sekgobela reiterated the importance of shop owners promptly reporting incidents to the police and considering involvement in the Community Policing Forum (CPF) for additional support. Furthermore, Edenvale SAPS operations will resume alongside relevant stakeholders, including home affairs, the health department, SARS, and the EMPD By-Laws Unit.

Sekgobela highlighted that shops violating by-laws related to businesses will face immediate closure. They will only be permitted to reopen upon obtaining the required certificates or licenses, ensuring compliance with regulations to foster a safer business environment.


Source: Edenvale Police and businesses find solutions for business robberies

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