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Isipingo Residents Fed Up with Persistent Water Interruptions



Constant water interruptions in Isipingo

Constant water interruptions in Isipingo have left residents frustrated. They have been without water for extended periods. These interruptions have been caused by a rupture in the 300mm diameter main water pipe supplying the Lotus Park Reservoir.

According to the eThekwini Municipality, the rupture is a direct consequence of an informal settlement unlawfully constructed on the water servitude where the pipe is situated. This intrusion has led to significant challenges in maintaining the water infrastructure.

Last Wednesday, concerned residents gathered for an urgent public meeting with their councillor, Shad Nowbuth, to address the ongoing water supply issue and collaborate on finding a lasting solution.

Mark Gounder, a community activist, and Richard Naicker provided residents with a comprehensive overview of the situation and the obstacles faced by the repair team. Gounder highlighted that the main arterial pipe leading to the Lotus Park Reservoir is located in a swamp area, making it susceptible to damage due to wear and tear, ground sinking, and unstable newly installed pipes.

One affected resident, Sholeen Brijmohan, underscored the community’s frustrations and stressed the need for a proactive response from the municipality. Brijmohan proposed installing and rerouting a new pipe from the area to ensure a more sustainable solution.


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Community activist Shahirah Ibrahim shared the sentiment, emphasising that the repeated attempts at temporary fixes were insufficient and that a definitive resolution was required.

In response, the eThekwini Municipality acknowledged the issue. It attributed the challenging terrain and the presence of the informal settlement as key obstacles in accessing and repairing the damaged pipe. The municipality’s Water Department had initially been on-site to address the situation. Still, they were compelled to withdraw due to threats from community members in Malukazi, whose residences were flooded during the burst.

Gugu Sisilana, spokesperson for the eThekwini Municipality, urged residents to refrain from infringing on pipeline servitudes, as this poses risks to both lives and properties, besides hindering maintenance efforts.

As an interim measure, the Water and Sanitation Unit is working to supply water through an alternate reservoir zone to the affected areas. However, the supply might be intermittent. Additionally, water tankers have been dispatched to provide water to the affected communities.


Residents have been encouraged to use the toll-free number 080-311-1111 or the eThekwini Water and Sanitation WhatsApp number (073-148-3477) for more information regarding water supply issues. Alternatively, they can email [email protected].

Source: Isipingo residents fed up with constant water interruptions

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