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Report Damaged or Fallen Street Lights: Encouragement to Craighall Residents



damaged or fallen street lights in Craighall

Locals and those in the neighbouring areas are being called upon to actively participate in maintaining their local environment by promptly reporting instances of damaged or fallen street lights in Craighall. This collective effort is crucial to ensuring well-lit and safe public spaces.

Ward 90 councillor Martin Williams recently highlighted the issue by reporting a broken and collapsed street light pole situated at 368 Jan Smuts Avenue to City Power, the entity responsible for electrical infrastructure in Johannesburg.

Lydia Mathobela-Nhlapo, media officer at City Power, acknowledged the incident and confirmed that the relevant teams were already addressing the situation. She assured that repair work was underway, although there is no official statement yet.

Residents are strongly encouraged to take an active role in maintaining their community’s infrastructure by swiftly reporting any problems they come across. The procedure for reporting faulty or damaged street light poles involves logging queries with the appropriate authorities so that they can take necessary action.

To report such issues, residents have two main options:


1. City Power Portal: Residents can access the City Power portal and log the specific problem they’ve observed.

2. City Power Head Office: Alternatively, residents can contact the City Power head office directly by calling 011 490 7000.

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Once the issue has been reported through the official channels, residents can further contribute to the solution by contacting their ward councillor. Following these steps can help ensure that the matter is not only acknowledged but also escalated for prompt resolution:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Address (including suburb and nearest street corner or avenue)
  • Reference Number (provided during reporting)
  • Date and time of the initial report
  • Brief description of the problem
  • Photo evidence of the issue

By actively participating in this process, residents play a pivotal role in maintaining the quality of public infrastructure in their community, contributing to safer and well-maintained public spaces for all to enjoy.

Source: Craighall residents are encouraged to report damaged or fallen street lights


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Picture: Pexels / Min An

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