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Johannesburg Officials on High Alert for Potential Fires Amid Cold Front



fire alert in Johannesburg

As a cold front blankets parts of the country in icy conditions, officials are on a fire alert in Johannesburg for potential fire incidents caused by unattended heating devices. news24 reports that the South African Weather Service issued snowfall warnings in specific regions. These regions include the southern Drakensberg in the Eastern Cape and the extreme south-western parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

The cold front initially brought snow to the Western Cape and south-western Northern Cape areas. It is gradually moving eastward and will likely exit the country on Tuesday. This departure will result in a significant temperature drop over the eastern parts of South Africa, with cold to cool conditions forecasted nationwide and widespread morning frost expected over the central, southern, and western interior regions.

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City of Johannesburg Emergency Medical Services (EMS) spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi emphasised the potential risks posed by the “extremely cold temperatures.” With many residents turning to heating devices for warmth, there is an increased risk of fire incidents. Mulaudzi urged residents to exercise caution, advising against leaving heating devices unattended while in use.

Mulaudzi reassured the public that the City of Joburg EMS remained on high alert, actively monitoring all seven regions of Johannesburg. Disaster management monitoring teams are also on standby, and all 29 fire stations across the city are fully operational and prepared to respond to emergencies that may arise during the cold front.


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