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Extended Power Cuts Warning as Cold Front Hits Johannesburg



extended power cuts

Johannesburg residents are bracing for cold weather conditions expected from Tuesday to Thursday. However, in a double blow, regional power utility City Power has warned that residents could face extended power cuts due to this cold front, according to The Citizen.

City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena noted that the South African Weather Services had forecasted a significant temperature drop, with a potential increase in electricity demand. The combination of inclement weather and higher load-shedding stages could lead to network overloading, resulting in frequent power interruptions and prolonged outages.

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Mangena called for cooperation from residents in mitigating the impact of heightened pressure on the network. He urged customers to reduce electricity consumption, switch off non-essential appliances, and use electricity prudently to avoid winter season-like outages.

City Power has deployed standby teams to address outages and minimise disruptions caused by extreme weather conditions. Responsible customer electricity consumption is crucial while they work to keep the lights on.


The City of Johannesburg Emergency Management Services is also on high alert in light of the cold temperatures. They are prepared for potential fire incidents as residents resort to heating devices to stay warm. Residents have been advised to exercise caution and never leave heating devices unattended while in use.

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Picture: Unsplash / Rebecca Peterson-Hall

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