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Summit Restaurant in Menlyn Engulfed by Fire



fire at summit restaurant in Menlyn

In the early hours of Wednesday, September 20, there were reports of a fire at Summit Restaurant in Menlyn. Briefly News reports that this incident adds to a worrying trend of building fires in South Africa in recent months, compounding the nation’s challenges as it recovers from the tragic Johannesburg fire that claimed numerous lives.

A shocking video, shared on social media via @TrafficSA, revealed a raging fire consumed the renowned Summit restaurant in Menlyn. Emergency services were on the scene since the early hours. EMS spokesperson Charles Mabaso said they received a report about the fire on Wednesday morning. There were no injuries. Firefighters contained the fire in one part of the building.

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Mabaso explained, “The fire occurred at Summit restaurant in Garsfontein at around 4 this morning. Emergency services were called to the scene and managed to put the fire out. Only the second floor, where the sound is being played, caught fire and sustained damages. The part of the restaurant on the ground floor, the kitchen, and the rooftop did not suffer any damage.”

The sight of another building fire has sparked concern among social media users. Many are calling for a thorough investigation into the causes. Some have even speculated about the possibility of business owners intentionally starting fires to claim insurance. Such claims remain unverified. However, these incidents underscore the need for vigilance and safety measures in public spaces and buildings.

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