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Fire breaks out at Sun City Resort’s Cabanas



fire in the sun city resort

There was a fire in the Sun City Resort in Pilanesberg on Saturday afternoon. The South African reports that the resort confirmed the incident. The fire had originated in the Cabanas kitchen, and firefighters had successfully extinguished it.

Videos of the fire went viral on social media. It caused some to recall the devastating storms and flash floods that had hit the North West province in 2018. During that time, holidaymakers had to be evacuated from the Sun City Resort. There was significant damage to vehicles and buildings.

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In contrast, the recent fire at the Cabanas did not result in any injuries, and guest accommodation remained unaffected. The resort attributed the swift containment of the fire to the quick response of their food and beverage staff and the prompt action of Sun City’s fire and rescue services.

The exact cause of the fire is still unknown, and investigations will continue to determine its source. Sun City management expressed their gratitude for efficiently handling the situation and reassured guests that the resort remains a safe and enjoyable destination.


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Picture: Facebook / Republic Of Rustenburg

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