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CPF Joins Law Enforcement to Fight Crime



honeydew cpf patrollers

Devon Steenkamp, the Ward 134 councillor, expressed his belief in the effectiveness of Operation Shanela, a recently launched initiative to maintain law and order, ensure public safety, regulate traffic, and deter criminal activity. Steenkamp’s endorsement came after he and Honeydew CPF patrollers collaborated with Gauteng police commissioner Lieutenant-General Elias Mawela and various law enforcement agencies during Operation Shanela in Honeydew.

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The operation involved setting up a roadblock on Northumberland Avenue as part of broader crime-prevention activities in the Honeydew and Cosmo City precincts. Steenkamp acknowledged that roadblocks may inconvenience motorists but emphasised that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks as long as individual rights and freedoms are respected.

During the roadblock, Steenkamp witnessed several arrests related to drug offences, drinking under the influence, and suspected stolen vehicles. Operation Shanela, an expansion of O Kae Molao, focuses on combating rampant crime, which remains a significant concern for law-abiding citizens.

Michael Steyn of Honeydew CPF praised visible patrols and operations like Operation Shanela for effectively reducing crime and conveying a serious message to criminals. He reported successful arrests related to drunk driving, undocumented individuals, drug-related crimes, and the closure of illegal shebeens.


Minister of Police Bheki Cele also participated in the roadblock, garnering appreciation for his dedication to fostering collaboration among various spheres of government, departments, and entities for the greater good.

While SAPS will release official numbers at a later stage, the presence of senior officials during the roadblock was noted as a positive step in addressing crime and promoting safer communities.

Source: CPF assists law enforcement entities to fight crime

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