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Protesters Burn Truck Leaving Driver Jobless: N12 Incident in Gauteng



eldorado park -Protesters Burn Truck Leaving Driver Jobless: N12 Incident in Gauteng

A truck driver and his colleagues narrowly escaped harm when their vehicle was set ablaze by protesting residents demanding services on the N12 near Eldorado Park.

When the violent incident occurred, Melusi Geba and three others were en route from Lenasia in Johannesburg south to Germiston as reported by News 24. The protest took place on the N12 freeway, led by residents from Slovo Park informal settlement opposite Eldorado Park, who had been demonstrating for nearly a week, obstructing morning and evening traffic flow.

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Geba recounted the terrifying moment when the residents attacked their truck while they were transporting sweets and chips to Germiston. Despite their attempts to avoid the confrontation, the angry crowd trapped and mobbed them, who looted the truck and even took their personal belongings.

The aftermath has left Geba and his crew deeply concerned about their employment, as their employer is furious over the loss of the truck. They fear losing their income due to the impact of these protests on truck drivers.


Expressing their frustration, Geba questioned why protesters resort to violence, targeting innocent drivers who simply earn a living to support their families. He emphasised that their trucks have no connection to service delivery, making the attacks unjustified and devastating.

Following the incident, clashes erupted between the police and the stone-pelting protesters, further escalating the tension on the N12 freeway.

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Photo: Facebook / @Eyewitness News

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