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Alberton’s Tennis Sensation Sustains Impressive Momentum



Alberton's Tennis Sensation Sustains Impressive Momentum

Just a year ago, Tatenda Mutetwa, an alumnus of Hoërskool Marais Viljoen High School, embarked on his first season and academic term in the United States, marking the beginning of his promising journey in international tennis.

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Tatenda Mutetwa, a globally recognised tennis sensation, left his home country during his matric year to chase his tennis dreams in the United States. This life-changing pursuit was made possible through a tennis scholarship that ignited his passion for the sport.

This exceptionally talented athlete was awarded a four-year scholarship to play tennis at Lewis University in Chicago, representing the school on the tennis court while pursuing a degree in supply chain management over these years.

As he continues to revel in his time in the United States, Tatenda Mutetwa consistently showcases his skills, maintaining a steadfast momentum in his tennis career.


Reflecting on his first year abroad, Mutetwa expressed his contentment, emphasising his swift adjustment to the new environment. He shared his initial impressions, saying, “I liked the place when I arrived. I happened to win a tournament in my first appearance for the school. I won the Devil’s Event of an invitational well in my schooling. I have many resources available to me, and manage to use them.”

Recently, he participated in a fiercely competitive tournament, securing the second position in the year’s inaugural invitational tournament.

Mutetwa’s journey in the spring season, which commenced in January, initially faced challenges, but his dedication and tireless efforts enabled him to overcome obstacles and turn things around.

In expressing his gratitude, Mutetwa acknowledged the support from his sponsors: Prominent Roofing Alberton, Sport and Fitness Gym, and Real Athletes Tennis Academy. He appreciated Prominent Roofing and its owners’ unwavering support throughout his journey. Additionally, he recognised the pivotal role played by LAT Tennis Academy in Florida, which provided him with exceptional coaching, ultimately paving the way for him to attend a prestigious school.

Tatenda Mutetwa’s journey is an inspiring testament to his dedication, resilience, and the power of pursuing one’s dreams, showcasing his bright future in international tennis.


Source: Alberton’s international tennis star keeps momentum going

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Photo: Supplied by Comaro Chronicle

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