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Is Trevor Noah’s Comedy Still Hitting the Mark?



Is Trevor Noah's Comedy Still Hitting the Mark?

After residing in America for eight years, Trevor Noah recently made a triumphant return to his homeland, South Africa, embarking on a nationwide comedy tour. The anticipation surrounding these shows was palpable, with one prominent question on everyone’s minds: Does Trevor Noah still have the comedic magic?

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The resounding answer: Yes, Trevor Noah is undeniably still funny. However, there’s a discernible caveat. It’s abundantly clear that he has been away for quite a while as reported by Scrolla. The passage of nearly a decade on foreign shores has left its mark, and at times, it seemed as if he might be somewhat out of touch. That being said, he didn’t shy away from making jokes about former President Zuma, proving that some things never change, regardless of where you’ve been.

The central question prior to the shows was about the content. Would Trevor predominantly focus on his experiences in America, or would he delve into South African matters? The answer remained elusive until the stage lights illuminated his return. To avoid spoiling the experience for potential attendees, we won’t delve into specifics, but rest assured, he exceeded expectations in the humour department.

Surprisingly, the show featured an unexpected element—Trevor Noah’s profound praise for South Africa and its people. However, this accolade comes with a hint of complexity, as recent reports suggested that the comedian had received a substantial sum of R33 million from SA Tourism to promote the country. Trevor vehemently denied these allegations on the radio, yet they lingered in the minds of some as he repeatedly celebrated the nation. It’s a fine line between genuine affection and being paid to extol virtues.


Nevertheless, one can assume that his return to South Africa is not solely motivated by financial gain. It’s evident that the 39-year-old comedian, while not necessarily at his absolute best, has yet to prove anything. Trevor Noah’s extensive experience in the comedy world affords him the luxury of not having to over-exert himself to demonstrate his comedic prowess. He has embraced this realisation with grace.

Trevor’s Savanna Tour stop in Pretoria on Wednesday night was an enjoyable, well-organised, and thoroughly entertaining affair. His return to the South African stage may have shown glimpses of his time abroad, but it reaffirmed that, at the core, Trevor Noah remains a comedic force to be reckoned with.

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