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JMPD Arrests Seven Men for Stolen Property and Bribery



JMPD arrested seven men for bribery and stolen property

The JMPD arrested seven men concerning possessing suspected stolen property and bribery. HeraldLIVE reports that five arrests occurred in Midrand and Hillbrow on Tuesday.

According to JMPD spokesperson Xolani Fihla, officers intercepted a vehicle containing four men driving against traffic on Allan Road in Olifantsfontein. Upon searching the car, the officers discovered a collection of suspected stolen items, including a handbag, wallet, bank cards, a driver’s license, and cell phones that the occupants could not provide a legitimate account.

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The individuals, all Zimbabwean nationals, confessed to stealing from patrons at various entertainment establishments. They claimed to sell the stolen items to a shop owner in Hillbrow. As the investigation progressed, the suspects tried to bribe the officers. This attempted bribe led the officers to the shop owner at Klein and Pretorius Streets intersection in Hillbrow. The shop owner, recognized by the suspects, was found to possess cell phones lacking valid receipts. He was promptly arrested and detained at the Hillbrow police station.

Kenny Fihla, another spokesperson for JMPD, reported that the officers seized all suspected stolen items from the shop and booked them in at the police station. While in custody at the Midrand police station, two additional males approached the officers, offering a bribe of R600 in exchange for releasing the detained suspects. The officers quickly arrested these two individuals, also Zimbabweans, for the attempted bribe.


All seven suspects will appear in court soon.

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Picture: Twitter / JoburgMPD

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