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Undeterred by Robbers: Boksburg Biker Persists on Journey to Italy



Martin van der Vyver

Martin van der Vyver, the sole remaining member of the Boksburg to Italy journey, has faced a harrowing ordeal during his travels. On August 14, en route from Luanda, Angola, to Mbanza, Congo, he was targeted by robbers who took valuable items, including earphones, US dollars, medication, cellphone, chargers, and cameras. Van der Vyver, along with his brother and another companion, embarked on the ambitious journey on August 5 to raise awareness about mental health. Unfortunately, Clinton Delport had to return to South Africa due to an ankle injury.

Despite the robbery setback, Van der Vyver’s determination remained unshaken. He continued his journey, pushing forward on his bike, which was fortunately still in good working condition. Reflecting on his journey through Congo, he described the challenging road conditions and difficulty finding clean water along the route. The poor state of the roads added to the already demanding travel experience.

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Van der Vyver’s journey through Congo was not without additional challenges. He faced traffic congestion and encountered another robbery attempt in Kinshasa. However, he thanked the G4S security personnel, particularly Erick Bothma, for their assistance during this trying time. The security team ensured his safety by escorting him to their headquarters and providing accommodation.

Undeterred by these obstacles, Van der Vyver continued his journey. On August 22, he continued his travels, heading to Gabon and Cameroon. Despite the challenges and setbacks, his determination to raise awareness about mental health and complete his journey remained strong.


Source: Robbers don’t deter Boksburg biker from pressing on to Italy

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Picture: Facebook / Martin’s Bike Adventure SA- Italy

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