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Enhanced Primary Healthcare Offered at Revitalised Mayibuye Clinic



Enhanced Primary Healthcare Offered at Revitalised Mayibuye Clinic

After undergoing an extensive renovation, the Mayibuye clinic has reemerged as a vital healthcare hub in Joburg’s Region A, catering to the medical needs of over 500 patients daily. This revitalised establishment aligns seamlessly with the City’s proactive strategy to ensure accessible primary healthcare services for its residents. Kgadi Dinah Dihangoane, a respected professional nurse stationed at the Ivory Park health facility, underscores the substantial enhancements brought about by the refurbished Mayibuye clinic in elevating the quality of primary healthcare offered as reported by the Joburg Newsroom.

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Dihangoane highlights a significant expansion in the clinic’s reception area, providing more space to accommodate more visitors. This expansion notably streamlines the patient screening process and facilitates swift allocation to the appropriate medical units.

“While additional consulting rooms would have been optimal, we’ve been assured of their incorporation in the upcoming fiscal year. Presently, the clinic buzzes with children, underscoring the significance of the expanded immunisation programme (EPI), catering to infants through five-year-olds,” Dihangoane elaborates.

She emphasises that the daily responsibilities of the nursing staff encompass the care of around 90 children enrolled in the EPI programme. Additionally, she tends to approximately 60 patients grappling with chronic illnesses.


Serving a vast catchment area including Mayibuye, Kanana, Klipfontein, and Phumulong, Sister Dihangoane underlines the clinic’s unwavering commitment to welcoming all individuals seeking medical attention, regardless of their origins.

Mxolisi Ndlovu, a patient who arrived at the clinic early in the morning, expresses contentment with the care he receives. However, he raises concerns about the waiting time before receiving medical attention.

Ndlovu, a regular visitor to the clinic for his chronic condition, commends the support he obtains. Nonetheless, he suggests focusing efforts on optimising waiting times.

Nosipho Lamla, 62 and a Mayibuye resident commends the clinic’s service quality while highlighting the challenge of extended waiting periods. She advocates for increasing consulting rooms as a viable solution to mitigate delays.

“Swift consultation and assessment before administering high blood pressure medication are imperative. The current shortage of consultation rooms results in prolonged waiting periods. Addressing this concern would significantly enhance our experience,” she articulates.


Victor Myathaza, another resident seeking high blood pressure treatment and medication collection, praises the comprehensive service provided. Myathaza commends the courtesy exhibited by the clinic’s staff, extending from security personnel to the professional nursing team.

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