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JDA Inspires Future Engineering Professionals



JDA Inspires Future Engineering Professionals

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) orchestrated an engaging and interactive session tailored for engineering students from the Central Johannesburg TVET College (CJC). These students are pursuing their National Certificate Vocational (NCV) Level Four in Engineering, and the session offered them a unique opportunity to delve into the exciting prospects that their academic journey can unlock. The event took place on the 15th of August at the Ellis Park Campus of Central Johannesburg College, a result of collaborative efforts between the JDA and the TVET college.

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Positioned as the upcoming cohort of engineering professionals, the participating students can potentially wield substantial influence over the trajectory of the construction and infrastructure domain. The JDA is a pivotal actor within this industry, operating as the infrastructure development arm of the City of Johannesburg. Its role extends to managing capital expenditure projects on behalf of the city, thus occupying a crucial position within the sector’s landscape.

The event’s proceedings were led by the JDA’s acting CEO, Siyabonga Genu. Through this engagement, students were exposed to valuable insights regarding the multifaceted career pathways that the engineering sector encompasses. The session emphasised the integral role that infrastructure development assumes and underscored the pivotal contribution that engineering expertise can make in shaping the industry’s future trajectory.

From civil engineering and project management to mechanical engineering and urban planning, participants were afforded a comprehensive overview of the diverse roles that engineering graduates can pursue within this dynamically evolving field.


Siyabonga Genu, the acting CEO, accentuated the indispensable role of the infrastructure sector in bolstering any society’s growth and development. He elucidated that crucial components such as roads, bridges, energy systems, water supply, and public facilities form the bedrock of modern communities. Genu underscored the significance of the student’s role as future engineers, emphasising their innovative ideas, specialised knowledge, and unwavering dedication in formulating solutions to the evolving challenges posed by urbanisation, transportation, energy dynamics, and other pressing concerns.

Sylvia Matjokana, a Support Officer at CJC, expressed her positive impressions of the session, revealing that students exhibited an attentive attitude and gleaned valuable insights throughout the engagement. Observing the numerous questions directed towards the acting CEO, she highlighted the evident demand for such engagement initiatives, demonstrating their relevance and necessity.

The JDA’s thoughtfully orchestrated engagement session connected with engineering students from CJC, offering them a window into the promising opportunities that their academic pursuits can unlock. The event underscored the importance of infrastructure development and the central role that emerging engineers can play in shaping the industry’s future trajectory. The insights Siyabonga Genu shared illuminated the infrastructure sector’s significant societal role, while Sylvia Matjokana’s observations affirmed the positive impact and relevance of such collaborative engagement efforts.

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