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15-Year Sentence Handed Down to Prolific Fraudster Michael Jacobus Willemans



Willemans was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment

In a significant legal development, Michael Jacobus Willemans was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. This verdict was pronounced at the Boksburg Magistrate’s Court on September 14, marking a crucial milestone.

Willemans, who originally hails from Brakpan, was found guilty of an array of charges totalling 21 in number, which included theft, theft of motor vehicles, and various instances of fraud. Notably, he entered a guilty plea on the day he received his sentencing.

Magistrate Shilubana presided over the case, with State Prosecutor Mooiman representing the interests of the prosecution.

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This fraudster had eluded authorities for an extended period, but his run ended on January 9 when police officers apprehended him. The arrest, which took place on 9th Road, Rynfield, was executed by the SAPS Trio Tactic Unit members in conjunction with Anti-Hijacking and Policing SA and CJ Investigators. The breakthrough followed a tip-off regarding his location, which authorities believed to be a flat belonging to his girlfriend.


Willemans was known to have employed various aliases to defraud and steal from unsuspecting victims, leaving a trail of deception and financial hardship in his wake. In a far-reaching investigation, law enforcement agencies are probing additional alleged theft and fraud cases linked to him, with incidents reported in Boksburg North, Welkom, the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and other regions.

His criminal activities reportedly commenced shortly after his release on parole for theft in 2017, with a modus operandi that targeted single and elderly women through dating sites. The sentencing of Willemans underscores the commitment of law enforcement agencies to bring individuals engaged in extensive fraudulent activities to justice, providing a sense of closure and relief to the victims affected by his actions.

Source: Fraudster sentenced to 15 years in prison

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