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Anticipated Plea from Alleged Fraudster Expected This Month



Willemans will make his plea next week

The Boksburg Magistrate’s Court will witness a significant legal development as Michael Jacobus Willemans will make his plea next week. Willemans, the alleged perpetrator of widespread fraud and theft nationwide, is anticipated to enter his plea on August 28.

Having returned to the court on June 19, the case’s previous postponement now paves the way for Willemans to address the eight charges of fraud and eight counts of theft that he faces.

The alleged fraudster, originally hailing from Brakpan, evaded capture for an extended period. However, his run of luck ended on January 9 when the police apprehended him on 9th Road, Rynfield. The arrest occurred at a flat believed to be associated with his girlfriend, facilitated by a tip-off received by the SAPS Trio-Tactic Unit, along with Anti-Hijacking and Policing SA and CJ Investigators.

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Operating under various pseudonyms, Willemans faces accusations of exploiting and stealing from multiple individuals. His targets often included single and elderly women he encountered on dating sites. This criminal behaviour spanned various regions, including Boksburg North, Welkom, the Eastern Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal.


Remarkably, Willemans’s alleged fraudulent activities commenced merely four months after his release on parole for theft in 2017. As his plea date approaches, the legal proceedings will shed light on the extent and repercussions of his actions.

Source: Alleged fraudster expected to plea this month

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