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Monkey Mischief at Gauteng University Amuses Netizens



monkeys invaded a gauteng university

In an unexpected turn of events, monkeys invaded a Gauteng university, leaving students and netizens in stitches. According to MSN News, a concerned woman from the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University took to TikTok to share the ordeal her campus is currently facing – a monkey invasion of epic proportions.

The video, posted by @tina__547, quickly went viral, garnering over 150,000 views in less than three days. The clip depicts the monkeys as audacious pranksters who relentlessly terrorise unsuspecting students. They chase a young woman attempting to dispose of trash and even little children who can’t escape their swift pursuit.

@tina__547 #oncampusmonkeys ♬ Baleka (Live) – Joyous Celebration

However, what’s perhaps most comical is their blatant food theft. The monkeys brazenly climb onto tables where university students unwind and enjoy their meals, nonchalantly swiping their food and personal belongings. This monkey business is a true spectacle of terror and amusement.

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Netizens were thoroughly entertained by the video, with some sharing their encounters with mischievous monkeys. Swazi humorously lamented the loss of a calculator. In contrast, others sympathised with victims who had their groceries scattered around by the curious primates. Some confessed to taking defensive measures, like carrying stones when returning from grocery shopping.


Monkey mischief is a shared experience among South African universities, as one user noted the same problem at UKZN. Meanwhile, others found the situation so entertaining that they admitted to simply standing and watching the monkey antics unfold.

This unexpected monkey business has undoubtedly brought a unique twist to campus life, uniting students and netizens alike in laughter and shared experiences.

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Picture: TikTok / tina__547


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