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Driver Spreads Love and Kindness – OUTsurance Pointswoman Receives Flowers



driver gave an Outsurance pointswoman flowers

A driver gave an Outsurance pointswoman flowers. In a heartwarming display of kindness and compassion, a recent video that went viral on X (formerly known as Twitter) reminds us all that love and goodwill still thrive in our world.

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According to Jacaranda FM, the video, shared by X user @Zikamnyamane, captures a touching moment involving a Gauteng driver and an on-duty OUTsurance pointswoman. In the video, a man in a silver car extends his hand out the window, holding a beautiful flower.


As he continues along the road, passing the OUTsurance pointswoman stationed there, he graciously hands her the bouquet. A fellow driver, who recorded the touching scene, can be heard letting out a heartwarming “awwwww” in response to this act of kindness.

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Picture: X / Zikamnyamane

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