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City Power Initiates Prepaid Meter Replacement and Resetting Ahead of Token Identifier Rollover



prepaid meters free of charge

City Power has launched an intensified initiative aimed at auditing, replacing, and resetting prepaid meters free of charge for customers throughout the City of Johannesburg. This move comes in preparation for the token identifier (TID) rollover project, which commenced on August 15.

The comprehensive replacement and resetting of these prepaid meters are critical in ensuring TID compliance. Notably, most of the current meters are not classified as smart. The TID resetting process involves replacing all non-smart (old technology) meters with new technology meters, thereby setting the stage for seamless integration.

All prepaid meters utilising the outdated technology will cease dispensing electricity on November 24, next year. This change is due to the credit token’s impending depletion of available numbers unless the meters undergo a reset. Customers who recently purchased electricity units during the meter replacement phase will be retained and transferred according to the data on the meter.

Isaac Mangena, the spokesperson for City Power, emphasised that the smart meter initiative is poised to address the ongoing energy crisis, significantly impacting Johannesburg’s residents, businesses, and the nation.

“Moreover, these installed smart meters will aid both us and Johannesburg’s residents in curbing electricity consumption by employing remote load-limiting capabilities. This, in turn, will contribute to load-shedding management and reduction. With these advanced devices, City Power can implement load-limiting whenever Eskom requires a reduction in megawatts or when electricity consumption reaches critical levels,” Mangena elaborated.


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He further outlined that City Power-authorised agents will systematically visit residential homes across Johannesburg in phases. These agents will be easily identifiable by their distinctive yellow TID-branded bibs or T-shirts. They will carry valid ID cards containing their photo, name, surname, and expiry date. 200 City Power-authorised agents will facilitate this large-scale effort, with a daily target of auditing 4,000 households’ meters.

City Power has also engaged with ward councillors, securing their endorsement for this program. Mangena appealed to residents for cooperation and property access during the implementation phase.

Aware of criminal tactics involving counterfeit meter reading credentials, Mangena advised customers to verify the TID agents’ credentials by contacting the number displayed on their bibs or valid ID cards. He also cautioned against paying anyone claiming fees for TID meter resetting during this operation.

You can contact the City Power customer contact centre at 0800 202925 or 011 490 7484 for customer support and inquiries. Additionally, various service delivery centres’ customer desks are prepared to assist customers during this period.


Source: City Power to audit, replace and reset pre-paid meters at no cost to customers

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