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Parent of Crowthorne Christian Academy Learner Speaks Out About Alleged Discrimination



Crowthorne Christian Academy learner's parent

The Crowthorne Christian Academy learner’s parent has spoken out to address the incident involving her daughter’s alleged exclusion from classes due to her dreadlocks.

According to SABC News, a video on various platforms depicts the learner’s removal from her classroom, seemingly contradicting the school’s newly implemented hair policy. Shockingly, the video captures what appears to be the assault of the learner’s mother.

The principal’s husband forcefully ushered the learner and her mother out of the classroom in the footage. The incident has stirred controversy, with the learner’s parents alleging racial bias by the school’s principal and her husband.

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While the mother’s identity remains confidential to safeguard her child’s privacy, she has openly accused the principal of condoning and orchestrating her husband’s actions.


“She allowed it, she called her husband to come and do that. I trusted my child’s life with her and she decided to go and call her husband, who came and assaulted me and my daughter in front of her. She had no remorse. She did not even care. She just did not show any signs of being shocked by what her husband had just done,” the distressed mother stated.

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