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Anele Mdoda’s Day as Mr D Delivery Driver and Receives a R20 Tip



Anele Mdoda

Renowned radio personality Anele Mdoda embarked on a unique adventure, stepping into the role of a Mr. D Food delivery woman for a day. Venturing through the bustling streets of Johannesburg, she dedicated herself to delivering many orders to eager customers as reported by Briefly.

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In an unexpected turn of events, Anele Mdoda’s efforts garnered culinary success and a heartwarming R20 tip from a gracious patron who utilised the convenience of the Mr. D Food app. Sharing her triumph with her online followers, Anele took to Twitter to showcase a snapshot of the delivered fare and jubilantly announced her gratuity. Her tweet encapsulated the essence of the experience: “Just completed a @mrdfood order, and to my delight, a R20 tip was bestowed upon me! Kindly take note, dear friends. #JustMrDit #HowHardCanItBe.”


Her radio station, 947, noticed the radio maven’s escapade. They documented her journey as a delivery person in a video shared on Twitter. This footage depicted Anele’s candid reflections on her day, during which she humorously evaluated her performance on a scale of one to ten. The accompanying caption encapsulated the challenge Anele embraced: “Could @anele rise to the occasion of food delivery? Challenge accepted! Adorned in her official @mrdfood attire, complete with the symbolic food bag, Anele navigated the city streets to procure and deliver delectable meals for the residents of Joburg. #HowHardCanItBe #AneleAndTheClubOn947.”

The impact of Anele’s unconventional endeavour reverberated across social media platforms. Following her spirited participation, she enjoyed the limelight of online admiration, with her post trending throughout the day. This virtual spotlight translated into a deluge of affectionate comments and messages from netizens who were enamoured by her adventurous spirit. One such message came from @mrdfood themselves, who complimented: “Anele, you exude absolute style in your Mr. D outfit!”


In this intriguing chapter of Anele Mdoda’s journey, she seamlessly transitioned from her well-known role as a radio host to embrace the role of a delivery ambassador. Through her culinary excursion, she earned herself a tip. She won the hearts of her digital audience, demonstrating that even in the unfamiliar territory of food delivery, her charisma remained as captivating as ever.

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Photo: Facebook / @Briefly – South African News

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