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Mzansi Chuckles at SAPS Trainees Dodging Tyres in Viral TikTok Video



Mzansi Chuckles at SAPS Trainees Dodging Tyres in Viral TikTok Video

A remarkable video has surfaced, capturing a group of young men undergoing a rigorous training session within the ranks of the South African Police Service (SAPS), leaving both Mzansi’s online community astounded, amused, and empathetically stressed.

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Initially shared on TikTok by the handle @the_scent_central, the video portrays these men attired in authentic police uniforms, clutching protective shields while braving the relentless barrage of forcefully hurled car tires as reported by Briefly. The intensity of the challenge is palpable as these valiant individuals strive to evade the onslaught of tires, grappling to retain their equilibrium amidst the formidable task at hand. Adding a twist of complexity, the footage reveals one of the instructors interjecting with strategic kicks, amplifying the test of their mettle. Indeed, it is an ultimate trial of resilience.

The South African Police Service elucidates that aspirant police officers embark on the Basic Police Development Learning Programme (BPDLP) upon joining the ranks. This comprehensive program encompasses an immersive journey designed to cultivate their policing skills. It commences with the signing of a 24-month Memorandum of Agreement, establishing a contractual commitment between SAPS and the recruits.

The video’s online dissemination ignited a wave of amusement within the digital realm, as netizens from Mzansi and beyond engaged in spirited banter, responding with witty remarks and genuine laughter. The prowess of the individual orchestrating the tire throws also garnered considerable attention, attesting to the unexpected precision demonstrated.


This captivating video documentation encapsulates the strenuous training regimen endured by these young men within SAPS. Their determination to evade flying tires and adapt to dynamic challenges underscores their dedication to mastering the art of law enforcement. Meanwhile, Mzansi’s online fraternity transforms the spectacle into an arena of jest, lightheartedly acknowledging the demanding path these future officers tread.

Take a look at the viral video below: 

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Photo: Facebook / @Briefly – South African News

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