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Sentencing Proceedings Begin for Boksburg Woman Involved in Massive Fraud Case



Steenkamp claims her husband forced her to commit fraud

Hildegard Steenkamp claims her husband forced her to commit fraud. The sentencing proceedings for Steenkamp, recently convicted of embezzling R537 million from her former employer, commenced at the Johannesburg Commercial Crimes Court in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court on August 14. Steenkamp’s fraudulent activities also encompassed defrauding the South African Revenue Service (SARS) of R311 million.

Her unlawful actions unfolded over 13 years as a Medtronic (Pty) Ltd accountant. The stolen funds were spent lavishly on gambling, extravagant lifestyle choices, overseas vacations, and supporting her late husband’s financially unviable business ventures.

Steenkamp pleaded guilty to 336 charges related to the embezzlement and was released on bail pending the sentencing. However, the proceedings on August 14 were unexpectedly adjourned after Steenkamp expressed feeling unwell and unable to continue presenting her arguments for sentencing mitigation.

Resuming the proceedings on August 16, Steenkamp took the stand to present her testimony to mitigate her sentence. In an unexpected twist, she attributed her criminal actions to her late husband, Mathys Steenkamp, whom she portrayed as an abusive spouse who coerced her into committing the thefts.

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According to a forensic investigator’s testimony, Steenkamp’s embezzlement began in December 2004, shortly after her permanent employment as a junior accountant. The company discovered the ongoing theft in 2016.

The complex nature of the fraud involved Steenkamp positioning herself as a beneficiary on Medtronic’s bank account, diverting funds intended for customs clearing agents and SARS into her accounts. This manoeuvre allowed her to claim significant amounts from SARS through false processes.

The court heard that Steenkamp fraudulently claimed about R311 million from SARS, which Medtronic was subsequently required to repay. The forensic investigator Dawes further stated that Steenkamp’s fraudulent actions led to additional costs, including legal battles and investigation expenses, amounting to millions of rands.

Despite the extensive financial loss incurred by Medtronic, the company did not resort to job cuts due to its substantial financial resources. The company, however, remained uninsured against such losses.

The sentencing proceedings continue as the court evaluates Steenkamp’s testimony and other evidence to determine an appropriate sentence for her crimes. Magistrate Phillip Venter presides over the case, with prosecutor advocate Tilas Chabalala representing the State.


Source: Boksburg multi-million fraudster claims abusive husband forced her to do it

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